Speaking of… Some thoughts from the first days of the Global Human Rights Youth Summit

“The best thing Gacaca did was to bring the victims and the perpetrators together to talk of the genocide, to learn the truth.”
• Jean Baptiste Habyarimana, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation, discusses the community justice court system established after the 1994 genocide.

“ When one has been sick for a long time and then he recovers, he says he has to survive or else.”
• Laurent Nkongoli of the Rwandan Human Rights Commission notes the fast growth of his country after years of underdevelopment and genocide.

“Africa has become what it’s been thanks in part by the influence of us in the rich world…Africa has spent the last 500 years going from slavery to slavery.”
• Gerry Caplan, author of the Betrayal of Africa, discusses the reasons behind Africa’s slow growth.

“ A leader is one who must foster change. To change the area where we are and to go beyond.”
• Honorable Tito Rutaremara, Ombudsman, Rwanda, talks about leadership and sustainability in the developing world.

“In terms of human rights and the environment, water is going to be the next big challenge. The right to water is a human right.”
• Environmental expert Philip Osana discusses environmental sustainability in the East Africa region.


One response to “Speaking of… Some thoughts from the first days of the Global Human Rights Youth Summit

  1. I am currently doing my dissertation on Rwanda Genocide and Gacaca Tribunals I would really appreciate if you could give me any feedback!

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