Rwanda 2010 Youth Forum – Opening Ceremony

Allison Hoffman shares her initial reactions from the Rwanda 2010 Youth Forum opening ceremony at Kigali Serena Hotel.


5 responses to “Rwanda 2010 Youth Forum – Opening Ceremony

  1. Terrific that Ms. Hoffman is attending this very vital conference. Anxious to hear more. Sincerely, Catherine Skae

  2. Wow! At least those of us who never made it to the conference are still updated! Good reporting blog:-)

  3. Thats a great idea to inform us with all the updating, and i can feel that im participated with you in the confrence although im tried to coming but i cant get the Visa to Rwanda..
    I was wish that im with you all, Miss you all my friend and have a great time & full of learning and new experience.

  4. Тех кто не был в Чехии, но кому приходится по душе средневековая эпоха, мы приглашаем посетить удивительное место – ресторан Прага. Здесь вас ждут роскошные блюда, как современные, так и средневековые явства. Приходите – не пожалеете! Мы ждём Вас на нашем сайте – Заходите!

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