Participant Profile: Allison Hoffman (USA & Cambodia)

Allison Hoffman is going to Rwanda because she wants to feel revitalized. 

Understandably, considering the 26-year-old entrepreneur from Illinois has spent the last two years creating a Cambodian development project from the ground up.   

“In Rwanda, I hope to be revived. I hope to reaffirm my commitment to the fight against poverty, which to me translates to the empowerment of the marginalized, which is the ultimate confirmation of a person’s basic rights,” she said from Cambodia.  “I hope to gain knowledge, insight and contacts that I can bring back to Cambodia and implement in ways so as to create tangible results.”

Allison already has a wealth of knowledge under her belt.  She was also recently the winner of the 2009 Paragon Fellowship for Youth Social Entrepreneurship. 

Her organization, the Pari Project in Phnom Penh, provides an array of fundraising, marketing, and organizational development services in the hope of professionalizing non-governmental organization services in Cambodia. 

“I am most proud of starting from nothing, and creating a social enterprise that provides vital services to NGOs that do great work,” she said.  “I am proud of them every day, I am deeply respectful of the thousands of people that they help directly, and I am honored that Pari is able to play some small part in improving the quality of their work.”

Eventually, Allison hopes to expand the project to other parts of Asia.  For now, she’s simply looking forward to her first trip to Africa.


2 responses to “Participant Profile: Allison Hoffman (USA & Cambodia)

  1. The world need more of these young people who have such valuable ideas and the energy to implement them.
    I am grateful that they are willing to make the sacrifices that they do, I’m sure they are reaping personal gratification but I also hope they know who appreciated they are.

  2. I’m watching your good work with pride and interest. It gives me hope.

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