Speaker Profile: Jennifer Elle Lewis

Jennifer is the manager of the Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) at Gender Links.  The GMDC is a physical and virtual resource centre based in Johannesburg, South Africa, with linkages throughout Southern Africa and across the globe. 

The centre envisions media that is diverse, ethical and responsive to the current needs of women and men.  Traditionally the media has reinforced gender and racial stereotypes, which has proved disempowering. 

The centre advocates, represents and creates media that is fair, unbiased and professional, and encourages women and men to empower themselves by critically engaging with the various forms of media around them. 

Jennifer will be joining the forum as a panelist around issues of Media, Democracy and Peace Building.  It will be her first time in Rwanda. 

Prior to joining Gender Links, Jennifer came to Johannesburg from New York City via the Dominican Republic, where she worked for the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women.

There, she coordinated their Gender Training Community of Practice, a virtual, global “think-tank” for networking, resource-sharing and idea-generation in the fields of Gender Research and Advocacy. 

She has also worked at the grassroots level in rural Tanzania, where she organised a women’s collective to enable dialogue and empowerment for the survivors of rape and domestic abuse.


One response to “Speaker Profile: Jennifer Elle Lewis

  1. Jennifer inspired me alot as she is empowering women. this is strategicly important that education of such gender diversity is being universal……

    this workshop came at the right time as alot is happenning globally that needs to be targetted. i dont know though if namibia was represented, i am from there actually.

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