Participant Profile: Claude Migisha-Kalisa (Rwanda)

Claude Migisha-Kalisa has a dream. 

He dreams that one day he will see peace in Africa, peace everywhere. 

Claude also knows his dream has the potential to become reality, which is why he became involved in human rights advocacy.

In his short life Claude watched his country become a place compared to hell on earth.  Turned upside down by a genocide that ripped apart the heart of Africa, in which more than 800,000 people were murdered, the Rwanda of Claude’s youth was anything but peaceful. 

Yet just 15 years later it is an example in Africa; one success story on a continent more often associated with failure. 

“What motivates me most is that my country is entirely in the process of rebuilding itself after the horrible 1994 genocide,” says Claude.  “While in that process, human rights has been among the main focal areas.”

Although Claude knows his country still has a long way to go, he also knows what’s possible and he’s looking forward to sharing his experience with other young leaders.    

An activist associated with the Butare Rotary Club and the Rwanda Village Concept Project, Claude works to help his country achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  He’s also a member of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS.


One response to “Participant Profile: Claude Migisha-Kalisa (Rwanda)

  1. Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

    Hey Brother,
    I am jealous being absent at this Conference in Kigali. I was present at the Global International Conference in Connecticut and because of school, I cant be part of this one this time around. Miss u all. feel free to email. I am called Joannes Paulus from Cameroon but doing ma MSc here in the USA. happy New year

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