Speaker Profile: Gerald Caplan

“The story of Africa is literally the story of the human race,” writes Gerald Caplan at the beginning of The Betrayal of Africa, his most recent work on Africa.

The book sets out Caplan’s argument that Western avarice has done more to harm Africa than any so-called ‘aid’ sent to the continent on behalf of the governments of developed countries. Its call to the citizens of rich nations to pressure their governments to reverse harmful policies is a refreshing addition to literature on the topic.

Caplan, a lifelong social and political activist with a passionate commitment to African development, will speak at the Rwanda Regional Forum on Saturday, January 2nd.

A former professor at the University of Toronto, he is also the author of Rwanda: The Preventable Genocide, written for the International Panel of Eminent Personalities established by the Organization of African Unity to investigate genocide.

In 2001, he was named by the United Nation’s Special Coordinator for Africa as a member of the senior experts’ team undertaking an evaluation of the UN’s New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990’s. He has also acted as a consultant for the Economic Commission for Africa, UNICEF, WHO and the African Union.

Gerald Caplan speaks widely about African development issues and genocide prevention. He lives near Toronto.

Read his speech ‘Why we must never forget the Rwandan genocide’ (First published in Pambazuka News).


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